Device Management system for traceability and circularity

Identify and track your devices through out their full life-span; trade with confidence and ensure recycling

Ensure traceability is designed to ensure traceability at the component level. Track where your devices are and detect changes in the components.

You can connect to global traceability systems, like the Global Record of Devices, an open-source common effort of lets you share your devices to users or by generating a public link, and keeps track of their way through other organizations, by setting permissions —and you can always export the devices to spreadsheets. website and a computer being processed.

Device identification & diagnostics

Identify automatically computers through the network and peripherals by scanning printed barcodes.

Securely (military grade) erase hard-drives, automatically track changes in components, benchmark, test, and install Linux OS in record-time thanks to the easy-to-setup PXE server. Save and export certificates, and personalize and generate labels.

Adapt it to your workflow configuring presets or, as our PXE Server is open-source, you can extend it with your own software.

Android App

Geolocate, view, identify, and perform actions by reading QR codes of labels.

Acknowledge the reception of devices by reading their printed labels, or automatically place them in an office through GPS.

Check the Android App

Security uses industry-standard encrypted SHA-256 SSL connections, and provides an isolated database for each organization.

For extra security, we can host in your organization's servers.

Open-Source is built on DeviceHub by its creators.

Thanks to this, you can participate in its development and create plug-ins.


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The company

Managing traceability and circularity of digital devices

In we offer platform agnostic and open-source traceability solutions for managing reusing and ensuring recycling.

We envision empowering and engaging with organizations and people to bootstrap reuse and traceability of digital devices and electronics, supporting the development of a globally recognized reuse quality and traceability standard that results in a sustainable market.

We are co-founders of that believe in a leading company-ready solutions to bootstrap reuse and traceability.

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