We provide solutions, services, platforms, and integrations to identify, rate quality, manage, and track devices such as mobiles and laptops during its full life-cycle.

The DeviceTag.io platform

Hardware repair, quality diagnostics, and data wiping

Mass Identification of devices with data wiping, diagnostics, benchmarking, quality rating and pricing. The resulting reports and certificates are stored in a cloud, with proof of record.

Device ID and tracking

Standardized digital passports for devices with attached certificates, reports, and chain of custody that can be shared between platform members, trading partners, and consumers.

Smart Tags

Secure Smart Tags with NFC chips, photochromic inks, and smartphone Apps that track devices through other organizations or locations, and detect changes in condition.

Blockchain solutions

Blockchain as a trusted proof of record of the device metadata, traceability events, reports, and certificates; avoiding modification and adding trust among actors.

The Apps

The DeviceTag.io open platform consists of the following open-source apps made in collaboration with eReuse.org; we keep working on providing new ones that integrate with third-party services.

The eReuse.org Workbench is a suite of apps that capture hardware characteristics (e.g., the serial number) of devices and their components, test and rate the devices, and securely erase hard drive data.

Devicehub logo

The eReuse.org Devicehub is a distributed IT Asset Management System focused on reusing devices offered as a web app in the cloud.

We offer the following solutions

Retailers, carriers, resellers, refurbishers, service providers

Governments, Zero Waste platforms, cities


Track your products in the market.

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The company

Managing traceability and circularity of digital devices

In DeviceTag.io we offer platform agnostic and open-source traceability solutions for managing reusing and ensuring recycling.

We envision empowering and engaging with organizations and people to bootstrap reuse and traceability of digital devices and electronics, supporting the development of a globally recognized reuse quality and traceability standard that results in a sustainable market.

We are co-founders of eReuse.org that believe in a leading company-ready solutions to bootstrap reuse and traceability.

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