Snapshot a computer

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A snapshot?

A Snapshot is a fast picture of the computer, a report with the serial numbers and other information of the computer and its components, the result of erasing the hard-drives and testing and benchmarking the whole machine.

The report is the result of executing Workbench in a computer, and this is what we are going to do in this tutorial: how to prepare and use the Workbench.

1 The Box

To process the computers we use the Box, which is an intel NUC Kit NUC6CAYH with 4GB of RAM. The Box is the best option to process high-number of devices in enterprise environments, and we provide support to it. You can buy the Box yourself and then we remotely install the software, or we can send you a Box with everything set.

Alternatively, you can use a computer you already own to try our software, however as for now the support we provide is limited. This is a good option when trying our software. You can see the requirements of this computer here.

Click here to know what you will need to prepare in order to process computers.

Ensure to contact us so we can remotely install the software.

2 Process the computers

We can perform several tasks with Workbench, and all of them will write their result in the final report. For example, we can erase hard-drives (and append the result of the erasure), or linking computers with their internal corporate identifiers.

In the next video we show you a full process, this is a process that performs all the available tasks:
  1. Erase hard-drives. Click here to know more about the data wiping process.
  2. Destroy non-working hard-drives.
  3. Link devices with corporate identifiers.
  4. Grade condition.
  5. Prepare devices to reuse.
  6. Install a Linux OS system by using a FSA file. Click here to know more about FSA files.
Just follow those parts that best suit you.